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New Student eRegistration


  • You must have received an Authorization Code prior to completing this form. 

  • You must pay for your first session either via Zelle for $250 with a credit card via PayPal for $260.  After you submit your registration, a new window/tab will open for you to process your payment.

  • The class fee is dependent on your method of payment.

Personality: Is your dog aggressive to people and/or dogs?  Has your dog ever bitten a human or other dog?


Agility can be a physically strenuous and demanding sport. Because of that, there are risks involved in participation. Please sign the release below acknowledging that you understand these risks. Anyone using the Sirius facility is required to sign this release.

I understand that dog training is not without risk to myself, members of my family, and/or my dog. I agree that, in the event of injury to my family, my dog(s), or myself, I will not hold Sirius Dog Agility, it owners or any of its instructors, responsible. I also agree to assume all responsibility for any damage done to property, persons, or other dogs by me or my dog's actions. I hereby release Sirius Dog Agility Training Center, animal owners, animals, property owners, instructors, spectators and or any other participants, from any and all liability for accidents, injuries and/or damages to me, my dog, or any property, caused by participation in any activities including the period of time immediately prior there to, and immediately after, the conclusion thereof, so long as the animals are located on the premises designated for the activity. I assume all liability for injury to myself, my dog or any property, occasioned by this participation. This waiver shall be effective from the date of signing.

I agree with and accept the conditions of the above disclaimer. By selecting "Agree" below, I confirm that it has the same effect of my personal signature agreeing to the conditions of the above disclaimer.

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