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Class Information
  • Getting into a Class: We are not currently offering any new classes.  All new students must have already taken at least two  6-8 weeks of dog obedience training classes.  You will need to send proof that classes were taken.  Do not complete the  Student Information form to be notified of a new class if you don't meet this requirement. If you meet this requirement, complete the Student Information form.  We cannot put you on a list or into a class without this information. 

  • Accepted into a Class:  After you have received your authorization code, complete the New Student Registration form.

  • Fee/Zelle, Check or Cash: The session fee if paid via check/cash or via Zelle to 404-966-1984 is $250 for one dog/class, $480 for two dogs/classes and $710 for three dogs/classes.  All new students must pay via PayPal or Zelle.

  • Fee/Credit Card: The session fee if paid via PayPal/Credit card is $260 for one dog/class, $500 for two dogs/classes and $740 for three dogs/classes. 

  • Classes: The classes will run in eight-week sessions, one hour per week.

  • Beginners: New Beginner level classes are scheduled when there is space and a day available. 

  • Prior Training: If you and your dog have previous agility training, we require that you meet with us for an evaluation to determine the appropriate class level for you and your dog.  On some occasions private lessons may be needed in order to assure you will fit into the class appropriate for you and your dog's training and skill level.

  • Private Lessons:  We also offer private lessons.  Please email Sirius with your contact information and specify who you would like to have a private with and we will have that instructor get in touch with you.

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