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Welcome to Sirius Dog Agility

Thank you for your interest in Sirius Dog Agility.  We are a private agility training center located in Tucker, Georgia which is a suburb outside of Atlanta. 


Sirius is owned and operated by some of the most experienced and accomplished agility competitors in the region.  Our instructors are the finest and have many years of experience among them.


We offer classes for all levels from Beginner to Advanced.  Classes are offered Monday through Thursday evening and there are also a limited number of daytime classes. 


All class levels are not offered every night.  We train using positive methods incorporating a clicker in training which owners use to shape their dog's behaviors.

We are not currently offering any new classes.  All new students must have already taken at least two  6-8 weeks of dog obedience training classes.  You will need to send proof that classes were taken.  Do not complete the  Student Information form to be notified of a new class if you don't meet this requirement. 

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